Nutrition in the first week: An audit tool for NICU infants.

Many very low birth weight infants experience sub-optimal nutrition in the first weeks of their NICU admission.

Clinical audit can be used to identify the scale of the problem in your NICU.

So we have developed an electronic audit tool to help you conduct an audit of nutrition in the first post-natal week.

The tool (an Excel Workbook) contains simple data entry sheets and then produces a tabulated summary of demographics and macronutrient values as well as charts summarising the key data.

If your NICU uses stock parenteral nutrition solutions rather than individualised PN you will be able to use this tool. You can set up the parameters of the audit (eg all infants under 28 weeks, or all infants between 500g and 1250g) and define the dextrose, protein and lipid content of your unitís PN solutions and infant milk formula. Data for up to 20 infants can be entered. Built-in formulae will then generate useful tables and charts to let you compare macronutrient intakes acheived to the recommended intakes.

Download this tool

If you have any comments or questions about the Nutrition Audit Tool please contact us!