Diaphragmatic Hernia Survival Probability Calculator

It is not appropriate to use this calculator to estimate survival probability for an individual infant.

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Survival Probability:  

Use this calculator to estimate the long-term survival probability for diaphragmatic hernia.

Simply input the child's birth weight (in kg) and his or her 5 minute Apgar score.

Calculator Algorithm:

Survival Probability = 1 - 1/(1 + e -X) where -X = -5.0240 + 0.9165 W + 0.4512 A
W is birth weight in kg, and A is 5 minute Apgar.

This formula was developed and validated by The Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Study Group J Ped Surg 2001;36:141-5.
The abstract is available at the Journal of Pediatric Surgery website.

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