Low Flow Oxygen FiO2 Calculator

Weight:  Kg
Respiratory rate:  breaths/min
Gas flow:  ml/Min
Blender Oxygen:  %
Actual Inspired O2:

Use this calculator to estimate the effective FiO2 that low flow oxygen delivers.

Simply input the child's weight (in kg), his or her respiratory rate, the current O2 flow rate and percent O2 at the blender.

Calculator Algorithm:

FiO2 = ((F x (B - 21) / 100)+(0.21 x R x W x 5.5)) / (R x W x 0.055)

The equation has four variables: weight in kg (W) , respiratory rate (R), gasflow (F) and percentage of oxygen in the gas (B).
We have modified Neil Finer's formula, Pediatr Pulmonol 1996;21(1):48-51 to allow for the use of an O2 blender. 
A tidal volume of 5.5mL/kg is assumed.

Note that Neil Finer's study looked at infants with weight ranging from approximately 600g to 4000g, so the calculator may be less valid outside that range.

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