About NICU Tools

So who designs these calculators, who tests their accuracy, and where are they in use.

Michael Hewson
Michael Hewson is a Registered Medical Practitioner currently in practise as a Consultant Neonatologist at Wellington Hospital, in Wellington, New Zealand. He has an interest in the use of web technology for both teaching and as a cot-side tool to aid clinical practice. He has extended his skillset and is now actively involved in the development and enhancement of the nicutools mobile site

Paul Hewson
Paul is a web developer by trade. He has been happy to offer his services in producing this site and the calculators designed and tested by his brother Michael.

Also thanks to ...

  • Rob Fisher who produced our wonderful NICU Tools logo.
  • David Boyd who completed the development of our logo and provided other useful ideas on improving the look of our site.
  • Peter Rombel who developed our original Palm app

    The modest costs of running this website are fully met by Paul Hewson & Michael Hewson

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